Campbell County Board Passes Militia Resolution

It seemed like it might never happen but on Tuesday March 3rd, the Campbell County board of supervisors passed a resolution officially recognizing the county militia.

District Supervisor Matt Cline proposed the resolution that offered recognition to the militia as well as further bulstaring the county’s gun rights protections. After militia organizer Wes Gardner spoke, the board voted 6 to 1 in favor of the resolution. has personally been speaking with militia organizers Wes and Kurt throughout this process and they have proven to be true leaders with a strategy of success from the beginning.

Their process began months ago when they first formed a militia committee to plan future musters in Bedford, Campbell and other surrounding counties. They then began speaking with the county supervisors and local sheriffs departments, working to convince them on the idea.

The ultimate resolution was a tremendous group effort involving locals in the county, militia leadership, and support from throughout the state, particularly from the Virginia 1-13 organization.

The resolution states that the county intends to uphold Article 1 Section 13 of the Virginia Constitution and the right of the individual to keep and bear arms, and to organize and prepare for service in a militia.

The resolution also expresses intent to decline to use any county resources to enforce unconstitutional laws that restrict ownership and use of firearms, specifically mentioning the AR platform and potential magazine restrictions.

Furthar it states that the county intends to oppose all unconstitutional restrictions on the Bill of Rights, with specific emphasis on the Second Amendment.

This is a strong resolution that can and should be adopted all over the Commonwealth and the nation. It would revitalize our republic as being a bottom-up system built to preserve liberty and autonomy.

Congratulations to Campbell County on the many successes!

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