Campbell County Called for a Muster of the Militia, Many Answered.

Yesterday Campbell County Virginia held their first muster in over 150 years. Historic events like this are typically remembered every year with a celebration, but this leap day February 29th, will only come around every four years.

The air is brisk and men and women of purpose answer the call of duty and service. By an estimation, 200 armed citizens gathered in formation to begin the muster, more trickle in by the minute. At the front near the pavilian, organizers Kurt Feigel and Wes Gardner have a discussion while patriotic music plays over the loudspeakers.

After a prayer, we say the pledge of allegiance and hear the national anthem. Kurt opens the event with a speech directed at the militiamen, “Is ‘shall not be infringed’ complicated?” “NO!” shouts the crowd.

“Our rights are not granted to us by the constitution, but given to us by God.”

After opening statements the crowd lines up to sign their names, pledging their lives to the defense of liberty.

Under the pavilion, the real work happens. Almost a dozen volunteer organizers sit at picnic tables and do a short interview of each new recruit. They write down names, contact information, and gather other useful information such as special skills and any record of military or emergency response service. After new recruits give their information they then can buy a hat and pick up a raffle ticket for a set of door prizes. Even George Washington hosted a lottery after all.

The line that forms at the opening of the pavilion is 150 feet long as people are still slowly filing in. Many of the militiamen talk about their duty to defend their people against tyranny and how a government not constrained by the constitution must be constrained by the militia. It’s clear that many of the men and women have served in the military and consider themselves to be fulfilling their oaths from that service.

They swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and defend against enemies foreign and domestic.

For a rural Virginia event the crowd looks to be people from all areas of american life. Black Americans stand beside their white and hispanic brethren, old and young, farmers and social media consultants. Several women are even brave enough to stand with the men.

We all have a right to defend ourselves and our communties and a well-armed, well-trained woman strikes fear in the heart of tyranny equal to any man.

The event is a huge success! The police stand by and watch even as traffic is being directed by the Militia volunteers. Board of Supervisors members also stand by and observe as the people take their stand and act in accordance with their own consciences. It is clear that this sort of self-guided, ground-up movement can easily be replicated in every county across this Commonwealth.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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  • William Norton

    How to I get signed up

    • vamilitiaadmin

      Here is a great resource for finding your militia

    • Jason Langan

      Mr. Norton,

      I am with the Campbell County Militia and would be happy to answer any questions.

      Jason Langan
      Administration/Legal Affairs Officer

      • Casey Slusser

        How can I join Campbell county militia?

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