State of the union

State of the union

State and federal governments work together to create a monopoly for the medical industry. Each require hospitals to get a certificate of need. Each hospital is granted a catchment where no other hospital can compete with them. The number of nurses and doctors are controlled. This causes the price of healthcare to sky rocket. But the government says, this is a complicated problem and so they will have to take over the healthcare system. This is UN-American. The Federal government has not balanced a budget in decades. As many times as the question came to a vote they consistently vote it down. They wage war using our young sons to fight their enemies. We understand because they were fighting socialist powers seeking to take over all governments. Now socialism is well in trenched in all areas of our government. Antifa is acting of Cadres for the socialist movement. City governments are defending their own police departments. The logic is that their police department has become raciest and brutal.  Who’s responsibility for this, the government. Instead of taking responsibility, they distanced them selves and said in affect, we are a separate entity from the police department. We will cut their money off because we agree with the Antifa leaders. This is irresponsible. Now the socialist forces have pulled down monuments and burned government buildings. While the government tells the police to stand by.

What should we do?

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