How to Join the Militia; The Definitive Guide

All the time we receive messages here at The Virginia Militia about how exactly to join the militia.  Unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as sending a link, filling out a form, or liking a Facebook group.

The question surrounding this issue stems from the fact that the militia is an extremely decentralized organization.  There is no nationwide or statewide organization with staff that funnel people into well-organized chapters.  By nature and by law the unorganized militia consists of those people who are armed and prepared to defend their liberties.

You can think of the organizational structure of the militia similar to that of the Church.  The Bible references the Church as a body but it is not referring to one or another official church organizations, it is referring to the body of believers gathered together.  Whether the believers are gathered in a large building in America or they are a small group praying in a basement in Communist China, all are considered to be the Church.  In this way the militia is similar.  There are large militias that have been officially sanctioned by their county board of supervisors as well as small groups of farmers and hunters just beginning to organize.

Similarly to joining a church, when joining the militia you must find a local group of patriots using many different methods and join up.  If you cannot find a local militia then your county may not have one and it is now your responsibility to start one up.

There is no one place you can go to sign up but there are many different techniques you can use to find a group of patriots near you ready to defend our God-given liberties.

In Virginia, we are experiencing a Militia Renaissance.  A groundswell of grassroots effort has emerged with the descent of our republic into fascism and dictatorship.  In our Commonwealth, we are setting up militias for each county to ensure local defense and decentralization.

Here we have outlined a number of different ways that you can find and connect with patriots near you.

1. Register on our website and join your county’s militia group

We have designed our website here at The Virginia Militia to be an organizational and recruiting resource for the militia and for people looking to join up.

First, you will need to register here.  Be sure to use a real email because you will need to confirm it by clicking on a link sent to you in a registration email.

Next, go to the “Groups” page and search for your county and click the “Plus” button to join.  You will need to wait to be confirmed by the group’s moderator.

If there are too few people in your group then you may want to search for surrounding counties and see what is available.

Search for your county on our groups page

2.  Use

This website has a “Find My Militia” form where you can submit your information and your contact info will be sent to your county’s leader or to a neighboring county.

Find My Militia - Virginia Militia Alliance
Connect with a leader here

3. Check out and search for your state to see what is available

Use this website to find information about your local groups.  There are forums and lists you can explore to find your local militia. search
Use this page to find a militia

4.  Attend your local militia muster

Keep an eye out online for announcements regarding musters in or around your county.  If there is one happening near you then you should make every effort to attend.  At a muster not only will you have the opportunity to sign up for that county’s militia but you will be able to network with other patriots in your area.  Talk to the leadership, ask them if they know who the local leaders are.  Talk to the attendees and begin developing relationships and networking.

5. Join our Facebook Group

In that group, you will find people posting announcements for local militia musters and coordinating get-togethers.  If you haven’t yet found your local militia then make a post in the group asking for direction; “Is anyone here from Gloucester County, or does anyone know who is in leadership there?”

Use Facebook to gather nearby patriots

6. Search Facebook for your local groups

Facebook is the de-facto tool for all organizations in America as it has become the digital public square.  Even as Facebook makes organizing, communicating, and planning so much easier, it is riddled with problems, namely censorship.

It is almost a certainty that Facebook and other social media platforms will one day ban all groups and pages and people related to liberty or anything considered “right-wing”.  Because of this certainty, all patriots should register on our website or others so that we will still be able to communicate and organize when the day comes.

While we have Facebook you can use the search feature to find local patriot groups.

Search for terms like “[your county] patriots”, “[your county] militia”, “[your county] 3 percent”, “[your county] second amendment” and other similar searches.  If you are unable to find anything for your county then try searching for a nearby county.

Keep in mind that there are counties in other states that may share the same name.  Be sure you are joining one that is in Virginia and not New Hampshire, as an example.

Facebook Militia Search
Search for your group but be sure to join the correct group

What if I still can’t find my local militia?

If you have gone through this list and exhausted your efforts and have still come up empty, then it is most likely that your county does not have a militia.

At this time America and Virginia are going through extreme social turbulence and so it is absolutely imperative that every county have a militia.

Since you have the knowledge that your county lacks a necessary component for a free and just future, the responsibility now rests on you to start your local militia.

If you liked this article and want to support the effort the renew American liberty in our lifetime, then please consider a monthly donation to The Virginia Militia so that we can have the resources necessary to continue the battle.

6 thoughts on “How to Join the Militia; The Definitive Guide

  • Jason Hamshar

    I’ve started a group fluvanna militia. But have no idea how to get it going. Should I go to surrounding counties?

    • vamilitiaadmin

      Louisa has a thriving militia. Perhaps their leaders can help you get your organization started.

  • Clinton Manning

    I’ve worked to hard to have to live by a democratic agenda. Biden’s a Bitch

  • thebird69

    Myself, my fiancé, and many people we know would like to join Our local militia. We were in Alexandria Virginia so I’m not sure which one is the closest. Fairfax or Arlington maybe, I didn’t see one for Alexandria. Wanting to know about this March that’s supposed to take place on January 4 in DC. They’re calling for an armed March I wanna know who’s going and where to meet up

  • Tony

    Any groups in or near Powhatan?

    • foremand74

      Anyone get back to you on this? I joined Spotsylvania and haven’t heard from anyone.

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