In Their Own Words: Why People Are Joining Their Local Militia

At the Timbrook Park just outside Lynchburg Virginia the Campbell County Militia gathered for their first Muster. Around 200 showed up ready to serve and others still showed support or just observed the process. Interviewing many of the militiamen revealed common threads amoung the group.

Just about everyone seemed to have found out about the muster initially through social media, Facebook specifically. Some through word of mouth.

Social media is certainly a powerful tool for organizing our communites but with rampant censorship of anything deamed a threat to the established order, it is not a tool that we should expect to rely on. Corporate censorship could kill our movement which is why has it’s own forum section, free from censorship, so that the militia can reliably communicate.

The militiamen had similar reasons for wanting to join, most mentioning the clearly unconstitutional actions of Richmond politicians. Everyone also saw the militia as an opportunity to better themselves through firearms training, as well as first aid and physical training.

Many more militiamen saw this as an opportunity to become active in our culture and our politics. It seems as though there is a political and cultural awaking taking place amongst those who value freedom. Tyrants be warned!

Check out the Video to see some interviews from the front lines!

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