Local Militias are Serving Their Communities in a Time of Need

Interesting how the current Covid-19 crisis has increased the awareness in our communities of the need for supportive manpower to get things done. Essential services are having their workers and volunteers displaced over the rampant fear of the pandemic. This is an important opportunity that County Militias should not miss!

County Militias have expressed their intent to support their Sheriff in his constitutional duty to the citizens of their counties. While a few Sheriffs have expressed clear public support for these activities, many Sheriffs are timid in their response. In addition, very few Boards of Supervisors are willing to do the brave thing and stand for the Constitution. As County Militias, now is our chance to shine.

Photo Courtesy of WDBJ-7

In Alleghany County, M3 Militia member Corey Clark contacted the County Sheriff Kevin Hall. WDBJ-7 reported that the community service project started with a business willing to donate 25 meals to seniors who were shut in due to fears of contracting Covid-19. From the first week’s 25 meals, 200 meals were delivered to seniors the following week with M3 members coordinating with the Salvation Army.

In Floyd County, a call was put out on March 16th for a dozen militia volunteers to augment the services of the Floyd County Rescue Squad. The militia was looking for CPR certified members or members who could transport and help decontaminate rescue units. The Floyd County Rescue Squad was willing to provide necessary training

In Nelson County, the Food Pantry utilizes mostly senior volunteers for packing and distributing food every month. An urgent call for volunteers went out in mid-March as many of the regular volunteers were concerned about participating in a public project. Despite having postponed their muster a week earlier, the Nelson County Militia stepped up. On Friday, March 27 about 12 Militia volunteers helped other community members pack bags and boxes for 500 families. The Food Pantry normally serves about 200 homes but was concerned about additional unemployed people. The packing went more smoothly than ever with all the hands and was finished in record time.

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On Saturday the 28th, more than 15 Militia members again stepped up and assisted with distributing the food. Working with the County Sheriff David Hill and the local Fire Department, traffic was directed smoothly and the highway was kept safe. Food recipients were moved through in an efficient manner and never left their vehicles. Volunteers took citizens’ information through open windows, tagged their cars with coded stickers, and the vehicles were loaded all with as much social distancing as possible. When the final tally was taken, over 230 families were helped. Marian Dixon, the director of the Food Pantry was shocked by how many families were served because everything had run so smoothly. She specifically thanked the Militia and other volunteers on Facebook for their assistance.

While Militias need to continue to prepare to protect all Constitutional Rights for all citizens, we can also take the opportunity to prove our value to the communities we desire to protect. The current coronavirus pandemic provides us with the perfect opportunity. 

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