Thank You

It was said that only 3 percent of Americans took up arms and fought during the American Revolution. Thank you for your patriotic and critical donation to support a movement that will reestablish, defend, and preserve our God-given liberties. You are the elite few.

With your donation, The Virginia Militia will be able to create resources to support each county as they establish and maintain their own militias.  Those resources include training materials, organizational materials, and branding materials.  Also, with your donation, we will be able to pay contributors to report on the movement as it develops.  This is a necessity to build support for a growing movement.  Many of the founders of this nation used their own newspapers and publishing platforms to spread the language of liberty across the colonies. Those platforms were critical in fomenting the spirit of liberty and revolution.

You can take tremendous pride in knowing that you are a benefactor of freedom, a contributor to justice, a defender of Jeffersonian Virginia.

Thank you,

The Virginia Militia

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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