The Authoritarianism of the Intellectual Ruling Class

At the time I am writing this article, mid-April of 2020, most levels of government across the country have converted from pretend democracies into totalitarian dictatorships. Nearly all the people’s explicitly protected Constitutional liberties have been rescinded, including the right to assemble, to worship, to bear arms, to speedy trial, and many more unlisted liberties equally as important. All of this has been done at the behest of those claiming to follow the dogma of “science” and whose priesthood is the intellectual ruling class.

If anyone should dare suggest that the people by right ought to be able to work or to go outside, or if anyone should suggest that the coronavirus is not as bad as is being lead on, we are met by the rallying cry of the authoritarian intellectual, “BELIEVE SCIENCE!”

In only two words this phrase has packed in it so much hypocrisy, so much idiocy, and so much unscientific dogma that it would take its own article to address at every angle. First being that science is not one entity that can be believed in with blind faith, science is a process of theory and testing. No science is ever concluded as it can always be tested and refuted, thus why even gravity is referred to as “theory”. Second, that science can tell us nothing as to the value of life over quality of life. If these people are to be taken seriously then perhaps every person should be hooked up to breathing tubes and floated in a primordial goop while being force-fed a tasteless sludge like the human batteries of The Matrix. After all, this would prevent the spread of disease and virtually stop all death that comes as a consequence of enjoying oneself.

Life may be preserved, but who could call such an existence “life” in the first place?

The truth is that, to the authoritarian, “science” is but one tenet of the religion of the State. The history of science as used by the intellectual ruling class is a dark one, filled with all the depravity and suffering that one might read about at the Salem Witch Trials, all the while using the color of enlightenment to mask their religious fervor.

Science may have been used in distasteful ways going hundreds of years into the past, but it was only in the progressive era when science melded completely with the State to create the ideological backing for permanent tyranny.

Early in the progressive era, the intellectual ruling class sought to use the new science of eugenics to mold the human species. Influenced by the science of Charles Darwin, the eugenicists wanted to apply the theory of natural selection to human breeding via the law. Forced sterilization was used to prevent the passing of genes in the human pool by those deemed “inferior”. Most don’t know that the Nazi regime based its own eugenics program on the progressive’s America.

Marriage licenses were then issued to only allow those mating pairs that the government deemed worthy. In modern times progressives tried to lay this injustice at the feet of conservatives, when in fact it was a program to prevent race mixing by progressives.

All of this was done by the State at the direction of the intellectual ruling class. No longer did free people have inalienable rights. No longer was it the sole duty of government to protect those rights. Now it was the job of government to poke and prod the people in grand and never-ending experiments in pursuit of a Utopian society.

This mindset can be no more nakedly observed than the CIA experiments of the 1960s. Programs such as MK-Ultra used unsuspecting civilians as lab rats for the government to test out psychedelic drugs and new psychological warfare. We continue to be used as test subjects for the scientific experimenters even today.

The intellectuals dabble not only in the science of social engineering but also see themselves as chemists of the economy. While Jefferson saw the right to own and exercise sole control over one’s own property as important enough to declare it one of the rights given by God in his Declaration of Independence, the intellectual ruling class of the progressive era see all property as first belonging to the State.

After the crash of 1929, first the Hoover Administration, then the Roosevelt Administration, sought to manage the economy by seizing property and industry, and by dictating wages and prices and every facet of property ownership. This, of course, led to the Great Depression which lasted greater than a decade.

The intellectual ruling class at the Federal Reserve has likewise pretended to scientifically manage and smooth out the economy. This constant experimentation has led to greater instability and the virtual extinction of the American saver.

And of course today we continue to be tyrannized by the intellectual ruling class who use graphs and charts and hysteria in lieu of reason to tell us that we are better to be lonely slaves in our homes than to risk death while living fulfilling lives according to our conscience.

Should one disease be enough to undo the enlightenment? Should we cast aside all of our principals in order to save just one life from this one illness? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Should Moses have told the children of Israel that life would be better under the Pharaohs? Should Christ have refused the cross? Should the Patriots at Concord have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the “shot heard ’round the world”?

Science can give us no answer.

It is only through freedom and the preservation of freedom that life can be determined to be worth having at all.

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One thought on “The Authoritarianism of the Intellectual Ruling Class

  • shiningsea

    June 29, 2020
    Thank you for the article, “The Authoritarianism of The Intellectual Ruling Class”. Since mid-April we have witnessed very serious and very well planned-in-advance attacks on our constitutional republic piled onto the unconstitutional, destructive and cowardly lock-downs imposed by corrupt governmental officials hanging their hats on so-called recommendations by corrupt so-called scientists (a true scientist is an honest soul searching for truth). We as a people could have easily come up with the plans necessary to deal with the Wuhan biological attack without completely shutting down our economy. It sickens me when i think about that. These well planned attacks have given us just a glimpse of a small part of a very broad plan decades in the making by those who are bent on destroying America and ruling the world according to their own evil intentions.

    A very fine gentleman and warrior named John Moore has an outstanding video on his website ( called “G. Edwards Griffin explains how…” under the heading The Communist Agenda Exposed which gives great clarity about where some of today’s current mayhem is coming from. Another source of excellent information about what America is up against is an outstanding researcher and even better writer named Jeff Nyquist ( Just for the public record, these gentlemen have no idea who I am,, so there’s no ulterior motive going on here. Well, actually there is one ulterior motive: to do whatever I can within the boundaries of American constitutional law to help save our constitutional republic and then defend it with full vigor. And part of that is sharing what I honestly believe to be truthful information with others who are like-minded.

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