The Details Don’t Matter. The Police Who Executed The Warrant are Tyrants.

Are we a free society, or one that has forgotten what freedom even is?

At 4:30am on March 12th Montgomery County Maryland’s SWAT team executed a no knock warrant against 21-year-old software engineer Duncan Lemp. The police opened fire and Duncan lay dead next to his injured and pregnant girlfriend.

The details of what happened that morning are only a bit foggy, with the police telling a wholley different story than what eyewitnesses and actual documentation can tell.

Duncan lived with his parents and 19-year-old brother. They say that the whole family, including Duncan and his girlfriend where asleep when the police opened fire on the house, shooting Duncan through his bedroom window killing him and injuring his pregnant girlfriend. A broken window seen on the house seems to corroborate the details, as well as an eye witness outside of the house.

The police tell a different story. They claim that Duncan was “high risk,” even though he had no prior convictions and wasn’t accused of a real crime. They also claim that Duncan “confronted” the police while they broke into his house; apparently a crime worthy of death without trial. The police also love to say how they removed three rifles and two handguns from the house, of course trying to insinuate that he was a man on the edge, ready to kill.

Any reader of The Virginia Militia would laugh at the paltry collection of only five total weapons in a house with four people.

The fact is, Duncan could have opened fire on the SWAT team outside of his house and the police would still be in the wrong.

The warrant claims that Duncan was suspected of unspecified “gun crimes”. The police claim he was not legally able to own a gun and it was a civilian that turned him to the police.

Given those facts, which are not in dispute, Duncan was innocent. A person not convicted of a previous felony cannot lose their God-given right to bear arms. “Shall not be infringed” is very clear. Yes, Maryland may have laws that prohibited Duncan from owning guns for untold reasons, but those laws are tyrannical, by definition.

Any police officer that enforces a clearly unconstitutional law is a tyrant.

Furthar problems with this story are clear from the facts. How can anyone execute a SWAT raid aginst a person by simply making a phonecall and providing no evidence?

This is the inevitable consequence of so called “red flag laws”, like those coming to Virginia. Far more dangerous than any single firearm is being able to call the police against an enemy and have an unquestioning, militarized, goon-squad kick in their door in the middle of the night.

In Virginia we are building a movement to defend our people against a tyrannical government. First the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement swept the Commonwealth and resolved to stand against these evil laws. Now, we are building the militia to give the people teeth in the defense of their own freedoms.

After our movement covers the Commonwealth we will be able to prevent stories like this from happening in Virginia. Join your with your community to defend your rights and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on the militia in Virginia.

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