The Rockingham County Board of Supervisors is afraid

Fear can galvanize a people into action or it can calcify a people to INaction. Unfortunately our board is the latter.

After that meeting things seemed to be moving fast in other counties. Augusta had an excellent turnout at their BOS meeting in favor of the Militia resolution and Bedford County had a successfull unsanctioned Militia muster with over 500 people in attendence.

That week I emailed the board members all of that information as well as more Virginia 1-13 language.

Several days before the next BOS meeting where I was scheduled to speak we hit a major setback in Augusta County. The Board of Augusta determined that they had no legal ability to muster the militia. I read up on their reasoning and determined that this was completely false. Augusta is scared too.

Wednesday the 26th is here and it’s my turn to speak on behalf of the resolution to muster the Militia.

In my speech I explain the legal justification for the Militia, how it already exists and calling for an assembly of the Militia is perfectly within the rights of the board. I specifically address the reasoning on which Augusta rejected the proposal. I spoke about what the Militia could mean for the county, and how we have a constitutional obligation to maintain one.

After I completed my speech, the board refused to ask any questions of me. One would think that such an impactful and nuanced resolution would garner questions. But, none where asked.

Chairman Kyger then looked down at the papers in front of him and began reciting word for word a pre-written statement.

He said that the board had no authority to form a Militia, that is the purvue of the Governor only. This completely ignores that the resolution does not create a Militia, nor does it call the Militia into service which is the legal purvue of the Governor. The resolution only calls a meeting of the Militia. Nowhere in Section 44 of the Virginia Code does it grant the Governor the right to call a muster of the Militia, nor does it prohibit localities from doing so.

He also said that Virginia is a Dillon Rule state and localities have only the powers expressly delegated to them. This, of course, begs the question as to how they believed they had the authority to pass their sanctuary resolution only two months ago! And does the County have an expressly delegated authority to gather the local police or other emergency services? If so, then they also have the authority to muster the Miltia. If not, then they are breaking the law. In either case they are picking and choosing when to follow the law and when to ignore it.

After Kyger finished his prepared statement he said that he considered the matter of the Militia to be closed. I asked if I may ask one question. “The matter is closed,” He said.

Can a juror pretend to be impartial if they have decided the outcome of a case before even hearing the arguments? No, they cannot.

The case was decided before I even entered the room. Hearing me speak was just a formality to them, and even though I addressed their legal concerns in my speech, the pre-printed statement wasn’t prepared to make any arguments.

It is extremely telling that the board would seek reasons to reject the Militia before even hearing the case in favor of it. The board must think it is their duty to represent the lawyers rather than the people of their county.

After the meeting adjourned I politely thanked all the members for hearing me. Far more civil than the resolutions detractors who yelled at the board for not hearing their side even though they didn’t get themselves on the agenda as I did.

When I spoke with Chairmen Kyger, I thanked him for hearing me. He then told me I should find something else to do. I asked him if he believed that the militia had a right to exist; He laughed and refused to comment.

It is clear from this encounter that the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors signed their 2A Sanctuary resolution with their fingers crossed behind their backs.

When it comes down to it the board will do nothing as our county residents are systematically rounded up and caged from spiteful uses of red flag laws and 30 round magazine bans.

Make no mistake. A well-armed well-trained populous strikes fear in the heart of power, big and small

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